Often the driver behind conscious-living brands is consideration of how everything we consume is produced, packaged and stored. This is to encourage purchasing decisions that reduce our strain on the environment, and to ensure we are living more purposefully. At KIND we take it one step further, to look at the impact our purchasing decisions have on our bodies as well as our environment.

KIND to you  |  KIND to the planet

KIND TO YOUWhen we choose to reduce our use of plastics, nasty chemical laden cleaners and beauty products, sprayed foods and synthetic textiles, we are actively taking care of our bodies. This is a choice to live a healthier more holistic lifestyle, one that is KIND to you and kind to your family.

KIND TO THE PLANET: When we make these adjustments to our lifestyle we are automatically reducing our impact on the environment. We are reducing nasty chemical pollution to air, water and land; and we are reducing waste in our landfills and oceans.

This is the backbone of KIND; an idea that grew from both a desire to create a healthier home and body with a reduced environmental impact, and a frustration over the lack of options available to us. Our goal is to help as many people as possible create beautiful healthy homes and feel more empowered as consumers.

The KIND product range is curated to serve your personal mission to live more consciously; and the KIND newsletter is a source of inspiration, information and tips to help you on your KIND Living journey - we hope to see you soon.